Our Top Favorite Places in Omaha


Henry Doorly Zoo

This zoo is just awesome. It has frequently found itself ranked amongst the top 10 best zoos in the nation. It's probably because it has one of the world's largest indoor rain forests, a desert dome, a huge aquarium, and is just incredibly family friendly! It's right off the interstate at the 13th Street Exit.

Joslyn Art Museum

The building itself I believe, is truly a work of art. It is located at 22nd and Dodge. It has over 11,000 pieces of art with a concentration on 19th & 20th century European and American art, including work by Monet, Renoir, and Degas.

Lake Zorinsky

What a fantastic area to walk, bike, picnic at and more... To make it even better they have recently added a terrific public water park there. There's something there for everyone. This is out in the Millard area and runs from about 156th & F to 180th & F.

LifeTime Fitness

Sometimes when I show relocators this gym they are so impressed that they decide to live somewhere in the surrounding area. That's how nice it is. It's probably one of the more stunning gyms you'll see. It is enormous. It has an indoor and outdoor pool with water slides, a cafe, a salon, and enough equipment to ensure you won't have to worry about waiting. You'll find it at 168 & Center.

Memorial Park

It is located across from UNO, or in other words about 60th and Underwood. As a young adult if I found myself just needing to go somewhere to sit and think, I found this a very peaceful place to be. The beautiful memorial puts many problems in perspective. It's serene and beautiful and has plenty of room to play.

Omaha Community Playhouse

It's won a ton of national awards. Even if you're not currently a fan of live theatre, you need to check this out. I bet you'll leave being a fan. You'll find it just a little east of 72nd and Cass.

Orpheum Theater

This place is just beautiful! It's ancient, but it has a classic beauty that you simply must experience. Make it a point to see a show here. It will be an event to remember!

Regency Court

This terrific shopping in the heart of Omaha at about 102 & Dodge is home to one of the world's premier jewlery stores, Borsheims, owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. If that's not your thing, I'm sure you'll still want to check out the area for its fine dining at Kobe Steakhouse, Flemings, or Bonefish Grill.

Sempeck's Entertainment Center

This place is gigantic and can keep my family happy for hours and hours. It is located just northwest of 204 & Dodge. It has bowling, laser tag, go karts, a massive arcade, and a restaurant and bar with great food and tons of TVs. Normally I'm a little adverse to bowling alleys, but this is really a gorgeous one, so far as they go.

Village Pointe

Located out west at about 168 & Dodge. Sephora, Garbo's Salon, Coach, J Crew, Bath & Body Works, Kona Grill, Johnny's Cafe, Funny Bone Comedy Club, Marcus Theatres. Oh man, I think I could name every store and it's location by heart. I love it here!