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First Time Home Buyer Grant


I recently learned about a valuable grant given to first time homebuyers in Nebraska.  Since you decided to make the leap into homeownership with me as your guide, I want to make sure you are given all of the tools and benefits that come with buying your first home. Here is some information regarding the grant.

The Details:

Award Amount: $250 Can be used for anything you wish and doesn’t have to ever be paid back. Repaint, landscape, put it towards new appliances, or just take a chunk off your mortgage! Whatever you need.


  • Must turn in the application (enclosed) along with a copy of your closing statement and certificate from the completed course (below).
  • Must take a REACH Course with one of these affiliates. Call and mention the first time homebuyer’s grant to make sure you get into the correct class. Currently, there is not an online option to take.

Family Housing Advisory Services Contact: Donna McFadden  (402) 934-1777  E-Mail: donna@fhasinc.org

NeighborWorks® Lincoln  Contact: Bill Porn  (402) 477-7181   Fax: (402) 477-7406  E-Mail: billp@nwlincoln.org

Read more here

Download the application here


There is a lot of information here! Please give me a call if you have questions or need clarification. Best of luck!



We Need More Homes to Sell!


Omaha is still in need of more homes to put on the market.  We are still seeing a surplus of buyers that are looking for good, clean homes to buy.  Hopefully we will see a flood of new homes listed as the end of the school year approaches.

Today's Inventory

As of January 31st, 2013 there were 3663 homes on the market. That was down from the same period last year by 14% With a decrease in inventory allong with low rates and increased demand, it is quickly turning into a sellers market.
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